Sunday, March 22, 2009


I was walking through the forest one lovely early spring day, hunting actually (a passtime I enjoy), and I was passing and old Oak tree, when something caught my eye. Tucked away, in a knot was a small folded up piece of paper. I retrieved said piece of paper, dog eared and weather worn and carefully unfolded it. Inside, I found; to my surprise... myself. My wants, my desires, my dreams and my fears. Carefully penned as if by my own hand. I sat down, lit a cigarette and wondered; is this a dream, have I crossed into some parallel universe through a vortex on the trail, disguised in a ray of sunshine through the trees. I carefully re-folded the note and was about to return it to where I found it when a thought occured to me. This is me; therefore, it is mine. Here for me to see, not meant to be left behind. So I stowed the dog eared old note in my pocket and continued my walk, but not really focusing on the real reason why I was there in the first place, now distracted and light headed, as if the trees had stopped giving oxygen, and then, it got dark......When I came back to my senses I was at home, with a pen in my hand; the old note unfolded once again in front of me and beside it, a new one. One I knew that I would be returning to that old Oak tree. In that note, to my surprise.....was myself. Exposed, vulnerable and naked, penned carefully in my own hand. So I made plans to return with hopes of passing through that ray of sunshine, that vortex on the trail, to the spot where the world passed through the eye of the needle and the full circle was made complete; and I wondered, is this a dream?

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