Sunday, March 22, 2009


As a recently single fellow I find myself cruising the craigslist single ads for a reason can't quite explain. I mean sure - we are all voyeurs to some extent - but I think it also has to do with the fact that I can feel more comfortable in my skin knowing that I am far from the only one living in single land and that there are others out there that may just have some great qualities. I have no interest in the short ads and, to be honest, you would make the first woman I have written back to. Not that I did not delve into the world of online dating in the past, but for the most part craigslist seems beneath us all at times. Your piece was very intriguing though. Earlier today I was running the Don Valley trail and I stopped for some time to watch to river. I spent that time sitting on a large fallen branch and in your romantic world I sure could have found your note. When I came home I sat down to rest for a few and saw your piece. Let's imagine that I
was reading the paper instead. Upon its discovery I had stashed it in my pocket and hidden it running all the way home. Maybe I was a little exited, perhaps I was embarrassed to have stolen the note all for myself. Either way upon coming home and finishing reading it I decided to write back, here is what you would find stashed under the mat on your front porch one day.

Dear Idealist,

If fate does indeed love the fearless then I feel no fear in writing back to a stranger. We have so much to learn and only our words to pry out a discovery at this point. The potential for connection is as vast as the sea, yet the chances of sparks are like lightning. Lightning has a mind of it's own. It touches down rarely and usually without warning. Still if there is one thing to start to know about me it is that I am a hopeless romantic. An idealist who wakes up in the mornings and tells the mirror that this is the day. The day that can change my life. Maybe you feel the same? Maybe you feel a passion for the small things in life and cling desperately to what sense of childlike wonder you have left in your life. Maybe music moves you in a way that film or theatre cannot achieve on their own. Perhaps in your life there is little sense of the mundane as all the details matter. They are like pebbles in a pond making ripples that slowly change the face
of the reflection. I enjoy music. I enjoy film. I spend my summer throwing a Frisbee and my winters playing games and nestling into long nights of movie watching. I spend my entire year trolling malls and endlessly exploring the infinite sprawl of the city. Late night bookstores and patios on pubs. These are the things that leave lasting impressions. That and maybe you. I sleep better next to somebody and never forget a good morning kiss. I'm happier cooking pancakes for two and won't miss the chance to kiss the back of your neck while looking out the window at the city below.

Dear idealist I am not a perfect man but the ability I want most is that to never lose my desire to change. I'm not sure what to expect from writing this or if to expect anything at all. What I do believe is that fate sometimes needs a kick. Maybe next time fate will need a knock on your door.

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