Sunday, March 22, 2009


That was absolutely amazing writing on that folded piece of paper. I am not a writer but can share my life experiences. It’s always easy to share things when you know that the person is not going to judge you or even if the person judges you it does not matter coz you don’t know the person. Well I have been trying to live a life of transformation but I really find it difficult and stuck at times when it comes to facing reality. I am not the one to probably blow you away , I could have been if it was 9 years ago for sure. Lol.. Well I am not sure you could be the one who write my autobiography. I am 31 year old been HIV positive for the past 9 years. Have struggled so much in life and still hanging in there. I know transformation is what is needed in peoples life and it is this transformation that gives one a life of possibilities. Possibilities that one creates for one self and others.

Just where you left the folded paper I am leaving a folded paper asking you to be my friend. I hope you find it when you come to check if someone actually opened and read the note on your folded paper

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