Sunday, March 22, 2009


I remember being Jerusalem filming the miniseries from the book **** and standing for the first time high above the wailing wall of Solomon's Temple and all the Jewish people praying and then going close to the wall. Later when I went down the steps to the square and looked at the wall I saw it was filled; every crack and crevasse with notes neatly folded and perhaps one of ours was there although it was put there by your mother and you were only her dream at the time.

Later I started to read about Homeopathy and the brilliant doctor who recognized and put it into order as a system of healing. He lived most of his life in Germany and when he was 73 with a spinster daughter handling his appointments and another divorced daughter making up his remedies so he could just be with patients and student and visiting doctors from afar and his wife now dead a year one day a mail coach came from Paris and a young man got out of the coach and went into the nearby inn.
The next morning a beautiful woman came from the Inn for she had been traveling as a man in the year about 1830 or so. Well she went in to visit the doctor as she had read his Organum in Paris and was melancholic. She was an artist, with paintings in exhibitions, an accomplished rider and hunts person. She had had two older men who were her mentors ac confident/friends and both had died and she had come to Gothom (sp) for she thought Samuel Hahnemann could help her regain her strength and verve for life. Well they instantly fell in love and he was 73 and she was about 29 and although everyone thought she was after his money it turned out that she was wealthy on her own account. They married secretly after a month and then moved to Paris and were together till his death 8 years later and it was a time where she became his best student and the rich and poor lined the street outside the house she set them up in and were helped. In the evenings they were often seen out in the city. He even had Paganini as a patient.
Well I wonder if my life will move in that direction and you will find in this my note all folded up and lying just there near you and you can feel its intensity for life and its seriousness and also the impish quality that would dare to dream.

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