Sunday, March 22, 2009


Dear lady,
I feel your words are true and honest, and can see by your tone you really do miss the closeness of being with someone. A true romantic is the only one who can realize the manner in which you feel content being alone and joyful for the freedoms it affords you yet somewhat hollow inside from the lack of a person to confide in, to keep company with, to hold you for the sake of close human contact. Someone who communicates not only with words but with touch and action.
The problem is that this city is the singles capital of North America. We seem to have a knack for attracting people who like being single way into their 30's and sometimes 40's. the amount of individuals who do not understand how to be considerate and forthright abounds yet because of the sheer numbers a few like minded individuals find themselves with a glimmer of hope in finding their corresponding like minded partner.
The events which bring us to this state are varied. Sometimes we loved and lost. Sometimes it is a decision to release someone because we know it was not good for either partner to stay together and apart, finding the right mate would be possible. Sometimes we are left by others and at times we have done the leaving. No matter the reason or the manner, in the end we are here, past adolescence, past young adulthood, and find ourselves alone discovering who we are slowly yet missing the benefits afforded by a relationship.
I have seen many things in the Craig's List realm and some things show me that some people have become something I never expected to see in my lifetime. The women who leave long relationships and decide it is a license to begin activities that are out of character. The people searching for persons with low self-esteem in order to gain pleasure from entrapping them using their weaknesses. The inability of people to just be there to help others. It is a scary thought.
And then you appear, like a beacon of light in the darkness. A lighthouse showing lost seafarers where the shore is in darkness. A person whose words can be seen as an example.
i hope to hear from you.

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